Mage Escape

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Team Members

Grimoire Gang

Conor Calam

  • Lead Designer
  • Co-Producer
  • Tutorial Design
  • Asset Implementation
  • UI Programming
  • QA and Testing

Harrison McNeil

  • Level Design
  • Co-Producer
  • Asset Implementation
  • QA and Testing

Declan Rogers

  • Programming - Game Systems
  • Programming - Water System
  • Programming - Spells

Erelyn Le Rossignol

  • Lead Programmer
  • Programming - Player Controller
  • Programming - Spells and Interactions

Ashlea Horan

  • Particle and VFX Artist

Brandon Russell

  • Lead Artist
  • Shaders and VFX
  • Lighting and Post-Processing
  • Prop Modelling

Callum McMorran

  • Character Modelling

Leonidas "Leon" Pappas

  • 3D Environment Art
  • 3D Props
  • Lighting and Post-Processing

Kathryn Schulz

  • 2D Assets and UI
  • In-Game Cinematic Assets and Editing

Simon Stemberger

  • Sound Design
  • Composer
  • SFX Artist


Mage Escape is a 2-Player Local Co-op Puzzler where you play as one of two apprentice wizards as they use a variety of elemental spells to try and navigate through their Master's old Tower towards the exit.

Spells are contained within Elemental Spellbooks which can be attuned to one of four elements: Fire, Frost, Wind, or Earth.

Each Spellbook grants 2 unique spells (with 8 different Spells in total), which provide the Players with different means to interact with the environments of the Tower.

Showcase Overview:


Introduction Cinematic: